Can One Plant Save the Planet?

Maybe not, but hemp can do a lot to make the world a better place. There are more than 25,000 different uses for hemp — from natural beauty products and holistic health products to green building materials and eco-friendly clothing. Hemp has almost as many benefits for human health and the environment as there are ways to use it. This is why we’re passionate about making whole-plant hemp products.

With compassion at the heart of our business, all the quality goods we craft, manufacture and distribute are created through ethical, eco-friendly business practices that respect the planet and all its inhabitants. Pure Hemp Botanicals not only chooses sustainable, organically grown hemp as the basis for our goods, we also take our planet into consideration in every step of the production process — from the field to the factory. All our products and packaging are sourced with cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients. We partner with companies like Greenhouse Growing System and Advanced Plant Processing who are as conscious of their footprint as we are and only use cruelty-free resources and practice environmental responsibility.

A Family of Passionate Hemp Advocates

Appreciation for diversity and human dignity are the foundation for our business philosophy, which puts compassion above profit, and communication above productivity, while encouraging a service ethic. Since we are all valued and respected for the role we play in our company — whether we are part of the production line or the event team — we work together harmoniously to bring you the very best whole-plant hemp products.

Our mission to put compassion into action extends beyond our production and distribution processes at Pure Hemp Botanicals. Part of how we work to alleviate suffering and help heal the planet is by supporting charities that are agents of compassion in our local and global communities. A percentage of every purchase from Pure Hemp Botanicals is donated to an organization whose work has a meaningful and positive impact on our world. Check out Pure Hemp Botanicals Gives Back to learn about the charitable work we support.

We hope you’ll join us in spreading compassion and making the world a better place one hemp plant at a time!

Since 2015 Pure Hemp Botanicals has been crafting the highest quality, pure Hemp Extract Oil products for our community. 

Pure Hemp Botanicals thrives on serving our community with Compassion in Action. The recent changes to our logo and upcoming new products reflect our hard work. 

From the top, the Pure Hemp Botanicals logo has transformed into a lotus in bloom, this represents our foundation of having compassion in action as our focus.  

Hemp leaves balanced on both sides, visually represents our passion for hemp.

The drop at the bottom of the mark represents the Pure Hemp Extract Oil. 

The new Pure Hemp Botanicals logo now carries a strong, iconic feel which illustrates our leadership in purity and quality in the industry.