Compassion in Action –Through a Passion for Hemp

At Pure Hemp Botanicals, our mantra, “Compassion in Action,” guides our work and relationships. We serve a growing community of evolving hearts and minds to produce sustainable, plant-based, vegan, and cruelty free products.  We seek to raise awareness and inspire others to adopt an attitude of compassion for people and the planet. Our commitment to compassion is solidly demonstrated in every aspect of our organization and its practices.

Compassion for the Planet

Our planet, our home, is constantly under siege due to climate change, destruction of habitat and natural resources, pollution, pesticides and more. As awareness of these issues grows, many global citizens and consumers have chosen to say “no more” by refusing to buy products or do business with companies whose activities carelessly waste resources or abuse our Mother Earth. That’s one reason we have a passion for hemp and have chosen it as the foundation of our product line. Hemp and other plant-based goods deplete fewer resources and create less waste during production than animal-based products. This makes plant-based production a more compassionate method for the earth and our animal friends.  Hemp is versatile in its applications, serving as a source for a variety of items including providing an alternative for items typically made from non-sustainable resources. Pure Hemp Botanicals promises to consider our planet first in the creation of its products, use of packaging, and in the footprint resulting from its operations.  We respect all the earth’s inhabitants by sourcing only cruelty free and plant-based ingredients.

Compassion for the Planet’s Inhabitants

Our commitment to “Compassion in Action” prescribes an appreciation and respect for all species, especially our fellow human beings. We embrace diversity, celebrate individuality, value human dignity, and advocate a spirit of cooperation through which we may wash away counter-productive conflict. Pure Hemp Botanicals products are never sourced from or tested on animals. Our practices ensure employment standards that are respectful of those who provide labor to bring our customers options that nourish and sustain the inhabitants of our planet.

Compassion for our Employees

Our employees are our heart and the life blood of our organization.  We acknowledge that every position in our company is vital to a quality operation and appreciate the participation of each employee towards that goal. We promise to put compassion above profit and communication above productivity in our company relationships.

Compassion through Plants

Species of Hemp plants have been referred to as the “ultimate plants of compassion” and for centuries have been highly regarded as sources for diverse products from medicines to fibers. Hemp plants perfectly portray a plant of compassion that when used world-wide will provide a multitude of benefits to human health and daily living.  Pure Hemp Botanicals pledges to use only organically grown, industrial hemp plant material and therefore optimize the purity and effectiveness of the products we provide to our community of customers. We ensure that our manufacturing partners follow our strict guidelines as well. To learn more about hemp visit https://phblife.com/hemp-facts/.

To sum it up, we’re all about bringing you amazing, organically grown, hemp-based products that we know you will love! We’re passionate about ensuring that the entire process is one of quality that is grounded in compassion for the earth and its inhabitants. That’s what makes us unique and why you’ll love being part of the Pure Hemp Botanicals community!