PHB Gives Back

We are happy to give 1% of proceeds from all purchases of Pure Hemp Botanicals products to Mercy for Animals (MFA). MFA is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to promoting compassionate food choices and bringing an end to cruel animal farming practices. Like us, they envision a world where we all nurture our minds and bodies with wholesome foods without harming animals or our planet. Their undercover investigations, legal advocacy, corporate outreach, and educational programs have played an instrumental role in alleviating the suffering of more than 30 million cows, chickens and pigs. They have received awards and seals of approval from VegNews magazine, Animal Charity Evaluators, Philanthropedia and Independent Charities of America for the incredible work that they do to end animal suffering and inspire compassion.

Stop by regularly to learn about other organizations that we are joining forces with to heal the planet and end suffering.