Bleue Skin Care Kit

  • Ultimate Skin Care Kit
  • Rejuvinate
  • Repair
  • Restore
  • Radiate

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Get immersed into the Bleüe lifestyle with our skin care kit. A nourishing + gentle daily foaming cleanser; a gentle and moisturizing eye cream; an all natural hyaluronic acid serum and a healthy and nourishing, antioxidant cream all in one ready to enjoy package.

Enjoy the synergy of all natural and organic ingredients plus all the benefits of the full spectrum active hemp extract.

At bleüe, the goal is simply whole body care!

How to Use

Step 1: Wash face thoroughly with foaming cleanser.
Step 2: Apply Eye Cream. Using a finger to gently dab around eye contour until absorbed.
Step 3: Apply a thin layer of serum to face and neck and let soak in for 2 minutes prior to applying facial moisturizer.
Step 4: Apply facial moisturizer to face and neck.


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